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Hello ladies! I stumbled upon this community and am very excited to read everything you all have to say.

I just posted this pro-gay-marriage rant in my journal and figured I'd copy it here.
Also, I saw the name of this community and immediately thought "they need my icon!" Haha.

Amy Lee

So, Thursday in my Domestic Relations Law class, we had a debate about same-sex marriage. Those of you who know me should know that I feel very very passionately about the topic, so the second he started the conversation, I was firing up from my seat in the back of the lecture.

It amazes me how ignorant and afraid of change some people are. They stand behind religion everytime someone asks a question. A lovely gentleman, who we all now call "Bible Boy" actually made me physically sick. His lack of compassion and understanding sickened me. He was one of those guys who could quote probably 3/4 of the bible and if you asked him to analyze its meaning, the only thing he could throw back was something that his church or parents told him. Every single student who said "Well, I was raised in a religion that doesn't think that's okay", the professor would ask "Well, why don't YOU think so?" and none of them had an answer! It just simply wasn't.

As one woman said to him, "Wow, you amaze me. We're sitting here in 2005 and you want to talk about oppressing people? Do they not pay the same taxes? Work just as hard? Aren't they Americans and should be given the same rights?" Who the fuck are we to say "Oh sorry, you, uh, were born 'gay' and that's not cool in this country, you're going to have to live a miserable, lonely life, but still work as hard and pay as many taxes as those who do have rights"... I mean, why don't we just lump them up in groups and put them in concentration camps, kids? What's next? Are we going to take away their rights to vote or go to school?

Bible Boy went on to say that he has a friend from church who was gay for 24 years and just decided not to be gay one day. Just poof, woke up and said, "Eh, I like girls now". I'm sorry, but does this not scream of church intervention to anyone else? He went on to say that his church had nothing to do with it, that this guy came about it on his own and decided to date a girl. I tried not to laugh when one lady goes, "Yea, honey, it's called bisexual!" I'm sorry, but you don't go about having sex and relationships with men for 24 years and then decide that it's not your thing. I was beside myself.

I think part of the problem may be a lack of understanding. I don't think anyone, not even me, will ever know what it's like to go through a day being a "queer" or "dyke". A majority of Christians think that they choose to be the way they are. Tell me, would you choose to be looked down upon, taunted, oppressed, misunderstood? Uh, I think not. Spend a day with a gay friend and ask them if they woke up one morning and said, "Gee, I think I'll be gay now!" I could be wrong, but my gut's saying that their answer will probably be, "No". Out of all the people in my class, there was one lesbian. She was so strong, so proud of who she was. She was sitting on the opposite side of the class from where the professor started asking questions, so by the time he got to her, she'd heard 35 people speak, probably half of which condemned "thoooose people" and agreed they shouldn't have equal rights. When he asked her opinion, I could hear in her voice that she was getting a little teary eyed. I know I'd be hysterical if I'd just listened to people not allow me my rights. She spoke very clearly and simply, most of the time looking at Bible Boy, "No one chooses a life of isolation. No one chooses to be gay. It's something inside of you that you don't just ignore and it goes away. You don't understand and you wouldn't allow yourself to, anyway". About here, the professor interrupted and asked, "Are you gay?" and she stood in front of the 45 people who had just talked about homosexuals like they were aliens and would never happen to them and said, "Yes, I am". She talked about not filing taxes together, not being able to get into the hospital if your partner was seriously injured, about not being able to get in if your partner's child was seriously injured, about having to right or claim to anything if your partner dies without a will. All of these points made the issue so much bigger, it's not just a marriage license or a union, it's an entire life together. I think it's something people fail to see.

Then, of course, the adoption issue brought up. One woman said, "Well, you think about a child being in a home with abusive or drunk parents or being in a loving home which happens to have two women or two men, who would you rather see raise a child?" Then one man said, "She just gave an extreme situation, you know, not every home is like that, blahblahblah [I'm sorry, but I really couldn't hear what he said because he was mumbling since he had no point]" Well, sir, why do you think children get surrendered or taken out of homes? It's not because the parents just got tired of the kid or forgot to give them their breakfast one morning. When DCF steps in and takes a child, it's much much bigger than that. So yes, when kids end up in group and foster homes, they are from situations where the parents were abusive or drunk or somehow not fit to raise a child. I think that given the chance, any of those little kids would rather have a loving, happy home than stay where they were. With the rigors adoption agencies put families through today before they adopt out a child, I think that their preference in the bedroom should be the least of our worries.

So, then this guy said something along the lines of "Well, I think we need to be careful because we don't want them to, uh, push certain, hm, values on them", excuse me? So, because the parents are gay, they're going to bring up their child gay? Newsflash, straight parents have been raising gay children for centuries, so there must be a hole in your logic! It's not like there's been an underground lair of homosexuals breeding gay kids and sending them up here! Also, when a child is born into a Christian home, don't they push those values on it? Excuse me again if I'm wrong, but I don't think any Christian parent has ever sat down with their five year old and let it pick it's future religion. No, they send him off to private school and church every Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Christianity, I was raised in a private school in Miami, but I'm just saying that parents often pass down their values to children, but being gay is not a value. It's not something you turn your child into. If anything, I think these parents would pass down tolerance and an open mind, two things that there are far too few of in this world.

Another awesome lady brought up the point that not all that long ago, interracial marriages were not allowed. Today, there's thousands of them, all living normal lives and producing children that can be just as happy, intelligent, and special as those from same race marriages. Back then, again, the Bible Belt, good ole Southern boys would rather die than have that happen.

Times change and so does our legistlature. There's been times for revolutions and I think the time is now for gay Americans to have equal rights.

And I think I've yapped enough, I'll get off my soap box now. Thank you.

Also, check out the direct link, here, for an ignorant comment (from a man, surprise surprise) and my somewhat catty response.

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